AAF | Flanders

HEPA Filters, Clean Room Systems
Custom AHU’s, Containment Housings


Classroom Package ERV & Ceiling Cassettes
Direct & Indirect MUA & Hydronic Heating

Arctic Chill

Modular Chillers, Heat Recovery Chillers
& Process Chillers


Damper Actuators
Control Valves


Boiler Stack Economizer Systems
Waste Heat Recovery Systems


Variable Frequency Drives
Startup and Service

Desert Aire

Air, Water & Geo-Source DOAS ERV’s
Pool Dehumidifiers

Detroit Radiant

Gas Infrared Radiant Heaters
Unit Heaters

Fabric Air

Fabric Distribution Duct
Custom Configurations, Colors & Logos

Flow Measurement Technologies

Electronic Airflow Stations


Water to Air & Water-to-Water
Geo-Source Heat Pumps

Hamilton Engineering

Packaged Condensing Boiler Systems and Condensing Water Heaters


Closed Loop Solar
Hot Water Systems

Innovative Air Tech

Desiccant Dehumidifiers
Commercial & Process Applications

Mee Industries

High Pressure Fogging Humidification Systems
Water Treatment Systems

Modine Commercial

Atherion Air-Cooled DOAS Rooftop Units
Energy Recovery


Steam, Electric, Gas, & Hi-Pressure Humidifiers
Electric Duct Heaters

NovelAire Technologies

Packaged Hybrid DX/Desiccant Dehumidifiers
DOAS Systems

Precision Air Products

Operating Room & Laboratory
Integrated Ceiling Systems

Pure Air Filtration

Gas Phase Filtration
Air Scrubbers

Rapid Engineering

Direct & Indirect Gas Heating
Cooling & Energy Recovery


Electric & Explosion Proof Unit Heaters
Convectors & Baseboard Heaters

United Enertech

Control Dampers & Louvers
Specialty Metal Products


Vehicle Exhaust Extraction
Welding Fume Exhaust Systems

Honeywell / Vulcain

Toxic Gas, CO2 & Refrigerant Detection
Calibration Services

Warren Technology

Valid-Air High Performance Diffusers
Intellivent VAV Diffusers